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So many shows, so many choices

In the halcyon days of 2019, I helped Bright Signals in their goal to nudge Edinburgh Fringe goers to try something new.

A 3D render of a white iPhone. The screen shows a colourful user interface with chunky buttons
fig. 1 The FringeMaker app rewarded visitors for checking in to multiple venues, encouraging them to explore and diversify.
It’s a sort of treasure hunt designed to help you explore Edinburgh and get more out of the Fringe – and pick up some snazzy prizes while you’re at it.
Edinburgh Fringe Press Release
Badge diagram

Visitors scanned special codes placed in venues around the city, collecting badges and winning exclusive merch along the way.

A wireframe-style illustration of an iPhone with chunky buttons and an abstracted interface on top

I built a low-fidelity interactive prototype to help communicate, visualise, and refine the structure and flow of the app.

The lo-fi prototype gave all stakeholders a hands-on experience of how the app would feel to use at an early stage, and allowed for rapid refinement of the product.

A hand-drawn illustration of characters and objects, showing the diversity of the Fringe experience

For the User Interface, I incorporated elements from Bruno Mangyoku’s campaign illustration into a unique visual style throughout the app.

© Bruno Mangyoku

In Summary

By prompting attendees to explore new venues and shows, the app underpinned the campaign’s goal to encourage visitors to diversify their Fringe experience.