BBC GEL – Research and Development

A body of research work with the BBC to advise on responsive information design, and to improve their Global Experience Language (GEL).


Part I: Knowledge & Learning Prototypes

At Chunk I helped research and suggest future patterns for the many interactive experiences available from the BBC to be accessible across devices and resolutions.



Alongside the UX & Design team at the BBC, I identified key challenges for a shortlist of interactive activity types across departments, including drag & drop, zoom & pan, sliders and show/hide layers.


Generating Ideas

Just highlighting challenges wouldn’t be much use without recommendations on how these could be dealt with – luckily we had some of those too. I explored different interaction ideas on the various patterns, the most promising of which were used as a basis for prototypes.


Wireframes & Prototypes

Sketching and iterating ideas and interaction concepts helped us to establish a set of mockups and prototypes that could be presented to the wider BBC departments, setting up a body of research for further iteration and development.



I collected all of our research, ideas and recommendations in a series of documents for the UX&D team to present to their peers alongside the prototypes. In the end this was a thorough grounding for future work at the BBC.

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Part II: Games GEL

As part of the spearhead of designing and building cross-platform HTML5 games for the BBC, Chunk were asked to draw on our experiences to assess the newest iteration of their Games Interface Guidelines. Alongside the Chunk team, I wrote an extensive assessment of the proposed revisions to the guidelines for HTML5 cross-platform games.



I pitched the research and recommendations to the heads of the BBC UX & Design department and it has helped them to modify and improve their guidelines for future iterations.

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Research, assessment, collating team knowledge, documentation and client presentation at Chunk for the BBC.


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