Relevant Skills

Suddenly, we found ourselves working from home

I help Jointly to build immersive, creative workshops that simulate real-world environments to mitigate against RMF

A screenshot of a digital whiteboard, with a typical-looking layout of post-it notes and headings
fig. 1 – Before
A screenshot of an illustrated digital whiteboard inside a greenhouse with contextual furniture
fig. 2 – After
A wireframe-style illustration of a glass pavillion. Red arrows connect floating rectangular boards

Jointly’s strategy workshops are run remotely in Miro, but they’re not your typical virtual whiteboards.

We craft unique illustrated scenes to guide participants through a series of activities throughout the workshop.

I use structural flow and illustrated waypoints alongside native anchor navigation to guide participants around each scene.

An illustration of a glass window, isometrically angled underneath the following two layers
01 – Architecture Layer
An illustration of exotic plants in pots, isometrically angled above the previous layer
02 – Furniture Layer
An illustration of post-it notes and computer cursors, isometrically angled above two layers
03 – Activity Layer

Drawing on previous game design experience, I developed a modular, layered system of building workshops, often stretching the platform to its limits.

Graham has been an invaluable part of Jointly’s success. He pushed the capabilities of Miro to create a better UX for teams to collaborate around the globe.
Jonny Lang, Founder / Director, Jointly
A wireframe-style isometric illustration showing three rectangular layers numbered sequentially

We use participant and facilitator feedback to iterate on features, activities, and flow.

In Summary

The simulated spaces in Jointly workshops keep participants engaged, holding their attention much better than a linear dump of keynote slides and rectangular post-it trays.


  • Jonny Lang Strategy / Creative Direction
  • Alan MacFarlane Illustration