North East Sensory Services

NESS are a charity who help those with sight or hearing loss. This presented a remarkable challenge to design for a wide gamut of sensory abilities.


Visual design

Legibility, clarity, and accessibility were the linchpins of this project. The typefaces were chosen for their exceptional legibility and the typography was carefully crafted for an unambiguous hierarchy.


Non-visual design

We consulted with NESS and their user-base to present the most useful and concise content first with supporting content further down the page. This allows those using assistive technologies to navigate very quickly, given that these users don’t have the luxury of visually scanning a page for hierarchy.


Clear, utilitarian aesthetics

The site’s visual styling is functional and modest to provide clarity: links are blue and underlined, and all text has an emphasised hierarchy. Images are only used where necessary, and mostly in areas of the site which were identified to be less likely to be visited by those with impairments.



I was responsible for all wireframing and prototyping, for visual design and for build collaboration & Quality Assurance. Designed at tictoc for North East Sensory Services.


Strategy  → Breda Docherty
Lead Front End → Simon Tsang
Agency  → tictoc