Relevant Skills

One small step for a bear…

As Senior Product Designer at Pawprint, I furthered their mission to reduce customers’ Scope 3 emissions one small action at a time.

A 3D render of a white iPhone. The screen shows a number of colourful cards for sustainable actions
fig. 1 The cross-platform app encourages employees to track their sustainable actions.
A 3D render of a laptop showing an interactive dashboard full of charts
fig. 2 The customer dashboard reports on data gathered from the employee app.

Pawprint’s product approach runs on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Here are a few that I worked on.

Graham worked brilliantly with the whole product team to improve the design framework and front end so that we could deliver value little and often, continually improving the quality of the experience.
Rich Amos, CPO, Pawprint
A wireframe-style illustration showing a curcular process with arrows pointing to Discovery and Delivery

As an ardent collaborator, I was deeply involved in listening to customers, collating research, and workshopping problems & solutions with the entire team.

A wireframe-style illustration of a tortoise and a hare

By supercharging the Figma design system and refactoring the front-end React codebase, I significantly reduced the time from discovery to delivery.

In Summary

Through close collaboration with the team and customers throughout the design process, I helped to better communicate and maximise the value Pawprint delivers.