Scottish FA – Website

The Scottish FA asked for an impactful, bold website that strayed from the norms of a typical sports site.


Wireframing & Prototyping

As we worked to finalise the strategy, I created an interactive wireframe prototype for all of the key pages of the site. This was presented at the narrowest size to focus on hierarchy and structure – a method we’ve found invaluable for helping clients to understand mobile-first content.



Despite having comprehensive brand guidelines, SFA wanted to go in a different direction with the digital branding. We collaborated with them to produce a set of moodboards which we could use as a springboard and reference for design iterations.



To establish our design direction, we started with the section that was most important to the client rather than the homepage. This allowed us to present different design options for the visual concepts without the typical content distractions and baggage associated with the homepage.


Website Rollout

After approval from Scottish FA, I rolled out the design and refined the details with the lead developer. We designed and built alongside each other to create the myriad templates and features for the site.


Final Result

Unfortunately, due to a breakdown in high-level negotiations, the new website was postponed and ultimately cancelled. This result didn’t nullify all of the hard work from all of the team at tictoc, and everyone involved was massively proud of the solution we designed and built.



As the lead designer on this project, I worked on all aspects of the design. I created and owned all design deliverablespresented them to the client, and supervised the build.


Strategy → Breda Doherty
Lead Front End → Kyle Macquarrie
Agency  → tictoc