The Singer Takes It All – Mobile App – Channel 4

The Singer Takes It All: an innovative interactive TV show. The iOS and Android apps let you record and judge video auditions and vote on live performances.



One of the keys to the success of this project was the interactive wireframe prototype I built to think through interaction concepts and communicate and discuss them with the team and with the clients. I’m a big proponent of quick, iterative prototyping, and Singer was just one case where having an interactive prototype early on was invaluable.

[The prototypes] give you a feel for using the app in a way that you just don’t get from wireframes. There’s something exciting about using a prototype, like playing with a new toy for the first time, that you never get from a document.
— Jody Smith, Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Channel 4


Cross-Platform Design

We wanted the design of the app to feel familiar to users of both iOS and Android platforms. Users recognise different share icons for instance, and Android’s action bar got some contextual action love in relevant sections of the app.


App-First Branding

One of the biggest design challenges we had was the lack of a show logo or supporting graphics until the eleventh hour. Based on a loose colour guide and rough sketches of the planned set design, I created a style for the app which fed into UF6’s impactful brand graphics, which we later incorporated back into the app.



I led the app’s content and structure, built and iterated a fully interactive HTML prototype, and designed the UI from top to tail for both platforms. Designed at Chunk for Endemol and Channel 4.


Branding Graphics  → UF6
Agency  → Chunk